Zhejiang Sunny Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd. is a specialized high and new technology enterprise and The National
Class Lighted Torch Plan Item Enterprise which produces equipment in pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff and chemical industry.
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        Sunny Machinery  to service the work as a job is crucial in the quality system, strict implementation of ISO quality system standard of customer service, the user full period of service, our commitment is: the timely processing, no excuse, service telephone: 0577-65020005 contact: Yang Qingguo.
1, the quality guarantee period: from date of delivery of equipment (if the user delay delivery according to the contract signing date of delivery) of one year free warranty
2, the warranty repair: after the completion of the project warranty period, we will give a quality warranty timely, so call (arrangement of construction personnel within 48 hours after receiving repair to notify the user,), quality problems in engineering and equipment at any time, for larger problems appear to solve equipment, time is not more than 7 working days. And promised after the warranty period, to provide lifetime technical support of equipment under the contract (including technical consulting and technical personnel support) fault to the buyer can not be excluded, our technical staff personnel arrangements within 48 hours after receiving the failure notification, provide paid service, technical consultation and related spare parts, at the same time guarantee in the most favorable price for your services.
3, random file: provide detailed instructions to the equipment, packing list, container class quality specification, certificate, for your company to compile the GMP certification required files.
4, the training of personnel: by the company technical engineer for the user free training operating personnel and repair personnel, describes in detail the GMP and the relevant provisions of the validation process requirements, equipment performance, equipment items and repair points of using, make the repair personnel to carry out routine maintenance and general fault on devices find and eliminate. Help users to make the post responsibility system and the system of safe production and field evaluation of inspection operation personnel of actual operation ability, to ensure the normal production of the user can correct.
5, acceptance criteria and procedures: acceptance of equipment according to the product industry, national related standards commissioning acceptance, qualified after your company to fill in our company made the commissioning report, to reflect the correct contrast and service.

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